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WIN PRIZES Harry Potter Countdown to the End w/ Artists on Demand Radio

We just finished recording our second installment of Artists on Demand 's Harry Potter: The Countdown to the End. Tonight we discussed love in the Harry Potter series. How important it is to the plot of the story, how it was written on love, and of course we talked about the different relationships and friendships in Harry Potter. Including my history with the shipping wars and all the amazing relationships and friendships in the books.

I also announced the winner of our contest from last show. I am proud to say it is a follower of Honestly Ronald! Very excited. The winner is getting an official replica of a Time Turner. I am very excited about this! I got some great responses and really wish I could give them all prizes I have to say.

I also continued a contest I started that you must listen to the program to be a part of to win an epic prize. You can download the show for free via ITUNES podcasts. Just search ArtistsonDemandRadio and it should show up! 

I will be able to announce the second contest though. The winner of this contest will receive a replica of the Quibbler including those snazzy awesome glasses that Luna rocks when she finds Harry on the floor of the train after getting stepped on by Malfoy. It is really cool. The contest is quite simple and fun. There is no word limit just send an e-mail explaining who your favorite Harry Potter character is and why they are your favorite. Send it to . The DEADLINE is 2pmPST/5EST March 14, 2011. I will announce the winner on that evening's show which will air at 7PMPST/10EST you can listen live at or listen in at (347) 884-9941.  Or you can download it free on ITUNES as a podcast. The March show we will discuss Hogwarts/The Houses, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, and Nympadora Tonks. 

I look forward to your answers and I am stoked to give amazing Harry Potter fans some great prizes. Have any questions/comments feel free to reply and I will do my best to answer. Also there is no limit to you winning so if you win one contest you can enter all the others if you wish. No guarantee you will win but you are definitely welcome to re-enter.
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