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Harry Potter Contest! presented by Artists on Demand's Harry Potter: Countdown to the End

I am here to re-announce one of our Harry Potter contests.

First Contest: Is an ongoing contest that you must listen to the HP countdown shows to be entered into. So take a listen to the shows and write down the keywords in order to win an awesome prize. You can download these shows for free on ITUNES just look up ArtistsonDemandRadio and it should come up. Let me know if you have any trouble with this.

Second Contest: I can announce to you. This contest is really simple the only thing you need to do is declare your favorite character and write a little bit about why he/she is so important to you. Please send your contest entry to before Monday March 14, 2011 at 2PM PST/5PM EST time. We will announce the winner on that night's countdown show.

The winner will get a replica Quibbler including the awesome glasses that saved Harry from a free ride home back to London in the Half-Blood Prince movie.

Totally awesome. Also, you can also get a chance to help host one of the countdown shows in April (if schedule/logistics work out).

So send in your entries you have nothing to lose and a chance to be just as cool and breezy as Luna Lovegood.

Again all entries go to

Also, if you know of any Harry Potter forums, chat rooms, or sites please pass along this message about the contest and our Harry Potter shows. We really want to reward amazing Harry Potter fans for being such great, dedicated, and amazing people.

Have a wonderful week!

In Potter,
Megan Anderson
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